Key Components

Understanding Trust Administration

Trust administration is the meticulous process of managing and distributing assets held in a trust after the trust creator’s passing. Our dedicated team at Miner Law Offices specializes in guiding successor trustees through every intricate step of this process, ensuring that the wishes of the trust creator are carried out with the utmost efficiency and care.
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Essential Considerations

Navigating Legal Requirements

Navigating the intricate landscape of trust administration legal requirements is important. Trust administration involves meticulous adherence to a myriad of legal obligations and timelines. Our team provides invaluable assistance in comprehending, strategizing, and meeting these requirements, averting potentially costly delays and legal entanglements.
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Comprehensive Documentation

Transfer Of Real Estate

Oftentimes the largest asset of an estate is the real property, commonly known as real estate. When a trust creator passes, it’s important to accurately figure out how their house was owned and if it was included in the trust to quickly and legally transfer the property to the heirs or beneficiaries of the trustor. That’s where we come in to assess existing trust funds and interface with county institutions, sorting out complexities we deal with regularly.
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Achieving Equitable Resolutions

Disputes are always a possibility during trust administration, especially when conflicts arise among beneficiaries or other involved parties. Our team possess a wealth of expertise in mediation and, when necessary, litigation. With a commitment to upholding the integrity of the trust, we employ strategic approaches to achieve equitable resolutions that satisfy all parties involved. By leveraging our legal acumen and dispute resolution skills, we ensure that the trust administration proceeds smoothly and in accordance with the trust creator’s intentions.
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    What our customers say


    I came to Andy with a request for help with putting my living trust together, and I knew very little about the process. Andy and his staff explained every detail to me along the way, did almost all of the leg work for me, and completed my living trust within…

    Ayna B.

    Andy Miner helped my husband and me with our Living Trust. We had put it off for years thinking it would take hours and hours of searching for paperwork, and be a huge expense. It was neither. Andy completed our Trust within two short appointments, and it was less money…

    Deirdret C.

    Fantastic service, not only is he knowledgable he goes the extra mile. He also was able to find a very nice and simple solution for me that covered me from all directions. I'll be working with him for a long time.

    Thomas F.

    Superb, timely, professional service. Andy makes even the most convoluted legalese understandable. High value for the price - highly recommended.

    Peg W.

    The process was completed very efficiently and professionally. I had two in-office meetings with Andrew during which he was very knowledgeable and helpful. I have already recommended him to two of my friends.

    LINDA L.

    Andy and his team were very helpful, thoughtful and patient during the whole process, making sure to cover scenarios that I didn’t even consider. They even went the extra effort to have a notary come to my own place (who was also great!)

    Francis V.

    I am delighted to share my heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional legal services provided by Miner Law Offices. From the moment I reached out for assistance, the entire team demonstrated unparalleled professionalism, expertise, and dedication to my case.

    JAMES O.

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